Pikashow APK Download ( latest updated verson )

Pikashow APK Download – If you guys want to download Pikashow APK so you could watch your favorite movies or web series absolutely free. Then you guys have come to the right place because in this post we will provide you the information about how to download the Pikashow APP as well as provide the download link of the Pikashow APK.

I give you a guarantee that after following our step-by-step guide regarding the Pikashow app you guys will be able to download it on your mobile and android. let’s get started.

what is Pikashow APK?

Pikashow APK is a third-party TV and Multimedia streaming application platform. this application has a lot of features. you guys can use this app to watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Web Series, as well as you, can use the Pikashow app to watch Live TV and matches such as the IPL Matches world cup.

If you guys like watching movies like me and can’t afford to have an expensive subscription like Netflix or Amazon Prime then this app is for you. I personally have been using this Pikashow app for a long time to watch content all over the world, you can too. but problem is that using this application is illegal in India because this app does piracy of movies and web series and piracy of movies in India is illegal.

Pikashow APK Download Latest Version

We all know that Pikashow’s new version has been updated and you guys definitely want to Download Pikashow APK Latest v82 which was released in September 2022.

Updated version Pikashow APK download link we have provided in this post you guys can download the latest version of Pikashow.

I know many of you guys have been going through to play store and app store to download this app but you guys can’t able to find this application.

Because this app has been removed from the play store and Appstore because this APP promotes piracy that is the reason you have landed on our website for Pikashow APK Download.

Pikashow APK Details

DeveloperPikashow Team
Package Namecom.offshore.pikashow
Current Versionv82
Latest UpdatedSeptember 10, 2022
Requires Android4.5 and up
Apk Size16.07 MB
Downloads5 Million

Pikashow app features

Many of you may be wondering why you should download this app. you are saying this because you guys don’t about the amazing features of this application. if don’t then let me tell you the amazing features of the Pikashow app.

  • Pikashow app can be used to watch content like Hollywood, Bollywood, TV Series, and Live TV
  • Newly released premium content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, ALTBalaji, and Voot can be watched in this app absolutely free
  • one of the best things about this app is latest released Bollywood and Hollywood movies can be easily streamed and download via Pikashow APK
  • The latest TV-Series  can be easily streamed and downloaded
  • This application can be easily downloaded on Android devices including smartphones and tablets etc
  • With the help of Pikashow Apk, you can Download movies, and web series absolutely free.
  • You can enable subtitles for every video that you can be watching. even if there is no subtitle don’t worry” you can search online for subtitles.
  • One of the best things I like about the Pikashow app is, that this application can easily support Android TV and FireStick.

What content you can watch on the Pikashow application

Movies – Many of you are movie lover who loves to watch new movies even if it is Bollywood, south, and Hollywood. if yes, then this app is made for you. you guys can use this application to watch your favorite movie and series, as well as this app, can be used to watch released movies you can’t able watch due to lack of money. install this app on your mobile and watch all over the world movies.

Web series – As you guys know nowadays many people like to watch web series instead of watching movies because movies are just 2 or 3 hours long and finish quickly but nowadays peopleseek9ng for long content for entertainment. that is the reason many people shifting towards web series. nowadays in Indian many web series are released, in order to watch those series you guys need to have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon prime, and hotspot. as we all know how expensive they are but you guys don’t need to worry you can use Pikashow app to watch your favorite web series even you can watch newly released web series even if its Hollywood, Bollywood.

Tv shows – you guys can use the Pikashow app to watch Tv shows, I know many of you like to watch tv series but don’t have time to watch on tv but you guys can watch new tv shows on the Pikashow apk

Live Tv – Nowadays many people are busy in their daily life and don’t have enough time to watch tv then don’t worry one of the best features of this app is you can replace Pikashow with your TV.

Pikashow apk download for android

I know how desperate you guys are to download Pikashow APK, don’t worry down below I have provided a full step-by-step guide regarding pikashow apk download for android let begin.

  • In order to download pikashow mod apk , the first step is to open your chrome browser if you have a different browser then you can use a different browser.
  • Search on the chrome browser download pikashow app or download pikashow apk or you guys directly visit the official website of pikahsow .
  • you have to open the official website of pikashow and click on the pikashow apk — free download button
  • After clicking on the download button, your app will be starting downloading you just have to wait a little bit after a few minutes your Pikahow apk will be downloaded.

How to Install Pikashow APK File

congratulation your app has been downloaded if you have followed the above step properly. now the second step is to Install the Pikashow APK File.

Pikashow app will not open until you will install the file. down below we have provided the step-by-step guide regarding How to Install Pikashow APK File.

  • The first step is to install the Pikashow APK file, you have to open your browser and go to the download folder.
  • You have to click on the Pikashow app file that you have already downloaded with the step you have told you above.
  • After clicking on the file, a popup will open where you will get two options, the first option is to cancel and another one is to install. you have to click on the install. your app has been installed.
  • open the Pikahsow app, there will be another popup of Pikashow’s new version. you have to click on the update
  • you will be redirected to your file folder where you have to give permission to the installed unknown apps, give the permission, and come back.
  • After that you have to install pikashow APP once again after that you are ready to use pikashow apk

How to Use Pikashow APK

Pikashow app — download – Many people must have downloaded the pikashow app now they want to know how to use pikashow app,

If you are one of those who have installed the app but don’t know how to use then don’t worry below we have provided the full guide on how to use this application after that you will become a pro.

  • The first step is to use Pikashow APK, you guys have to open the application in your mobile
  • Pikashow home screen will open where you will get many options such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Series, and Live TV you have to click on what you want to watch. if yu have Hollywood content then click on Hollywood and if yu want to watch other content then click on the other option.
  • you have to click on what you want to watch, even you can search the name of the movie and series on pikashow app search option
  • Click on the content you want to watch, and the content will start playing on your mobile. you can download your favorite content through this app. this is how you can use this application

How to Download Pikashow on Smart tv

There was a time when people used to have box tv in which you can watch only cable content.

Technology has been involved drastically now many people have smart tv in their houses. if you are one of those who have a smart tv and wanted to watch premium content.

As we all know in order to consume premium content you need to have a subscription. don’t worry I have a solution for you guys you can watch premium content on your smart tv without spending a single penny.

want to know how then you can download pikashow app on your smart tv. down below we have provided the information on How to Download Pikashow on Smart tv

  • The first step is to open your chrome browser on your smart tv if you have then you can download it from AppStore or the play store of your tv
  • Search on the smart tv browser download pikashow app or download pikashow apk or you guys directly visit the official website of pikahsow .
  • you have to open the official website of pikashow and click on the pikashow apk — free download button
  • After clicking on the download button, your app will be starting downloading you just have to wait a little bit after a few minutes your Pikahow apk will be downloaded.

How to Download Pikashow App on IOS

Nowadays many peoples have iPhones, let me tell you guys first iOS is the operating system for iPhone

which means you can only download the applications on iPhones that should be iOS supported.

If you try to install the android apps on your iPhone, they will be not installed. Pikshow APK is an android app which means you can install this app on your iPhone and there is no IOS version of Pikashow,

Sorry for iPhone users if in the future there will be an ios version of Pikashow we will inform you guys first.

Pikashow APK Pros

  • More than 500+ Live TV Channels are available in this application.
  • More than 50+ Live Sports Channel available in this application
  • Unlimited Movies, web series and tv shows are available for free.
  • This application is a free and easy-to-use interface.
  • You can watch high-quality content in Pikashow.
  • lightweight APK size.
  • The latest version of Pikashow APK is available.
  • It also supports FireStick.

Pikashow APK Cons

  • Source Down Issue and Server Error
  • Too many ads, ruin your moods.
  • Less Technical Support
  • High internet speed needs to be required for this app

Pikashow APK Alternative

Sometimes You must have faced many issues while using Pikashow APK, and you must have thought there should be an alternative to this app.

what if I tell is there are not only one but many alternatives to Pikahsow APK? want to know down below we have shared Pikashow app alternatives with the help of that app you guys can watch movies and web series absolutely free.

Read this

Pikashow Apk or pikashow App FAQs

Is it safe to use the Pikashow app for Android?

Yes Pikashow app Is safe to use for android

Why is my Pikashow app showing me “source down”? How do I fix this?

Many of you must have faced a “source down” issue in the Pikashow app, If you are facing the same problem while accessing this application then you can make contact with the Pikashow team through their official website and with the help of them you guys can resolve this issue

How to Download Pikashow Latest Apk 2022

In the above post, we have provided a full guide about how to download Pikashow latest Apk 2022

Pikashow App is a legal app or not.

“YES” Pikashow App is illegal to use, As you know piracy is illegal in India and all the content on Pikashow AAP is pirated content, I would suggest don’t use this app you guys can other legal apps like amazon prime, Netflix and Hotstar

Why is Pikashow not opening?

If you are using the old version then you have to update your version in order to use this application, follow all the steps we have provided above in order to update.


Hinditipsonly doesn’t promote the piracy of any movie download apps like Pikashow, movie piracy is considered an illegal activity. If you found out piracy of movies, you may be sentenced to jail for many years, we hardly requested you guys don’t pirate any movies or web series. you must go to the cinema to watch the movie


If you are a movie freak like me then this application is for you, you can download this app on your smartphone, smart tv, or laptop. you can have the same premium content in this app that you will get in a premium app like Netflix, amazon prime, and Hotstar. if you like this article about pikashow Apk download, Pikashow latest version , Pikashow v64 Apk , pikashow apk download for pc

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